Here are a few tips to make your rides much more pleasant and enjoyable:

  1. Signal your approach to pedestrians, especially if they’re old. A bell is better than “On your left!”. “Good Morning” or “Afternoon” or “Hello!” in your most friendly voice is even better. Old people, or boomers who busted their hearing with loud music might not hear the bell.
  2. At least once a year change something on your bike to jostle your complacency.
  3. If you ride with groups slip to the back and join the conversation there once in awhile.
  4. Set your bike computer so you can’t tell how fast you’re going. Use duct tape if necessary.
  5. Bark back at the dogs, moo at the cows.
  6. Count the critters on a ride.
  7. Listen for the wing beat of a bird as you ride alongside it.
  8. Sing like you’re in the shower, if you don’t sing in the shower use this as a chance to sing.
  9. Volunteer to ride with someone who doesn’t ride or doesn’t ride very often. Don’t tell them how to ride, just be there. Well, maybe remind them to stop at stop signs and the like.