Congratulations on your interest in the rewarding hobby of bike riding. It seems that no matter where you look, everyone is jumping on the bike bandwagon. Now that there are thousands of miles of new bicycle lanes in cities all over the United States, and saving gas and the environment are common concerns, it’s no wonder that bicycle riding is on the rise. But going on bike rides is not just good for saving the environment and gas money, it’s also one of the best workouts you can get, and there’s no membership fees! Here’s a few pointers on how to get started riding a bike.

Obviously, You’ll Need a Bike

Finding the right bike is paramount. First, consider how you’ll use the bike and what your budget is. This includes identifying the type of bike you’ll need (mountain bike, road bike, cruiser, etc.), doing some research, finding a local bike shop, and making sure you get a proper fit. You should have no problem locating a quality bicycle either new or used depending on your budget. For more information on how to find the perfect bicycle for you, check out our page on choosing a bike.


One of the great things about bike riding is that you can make it as simple or as involved as you want. It doesn’t take much to get started other than a dependable bicycle. However, there’s several bike-related items that you might consider picking up. Things like  a water bottle, helmet and air pump are probably some things you’ll need to get for obvious reasons. For a closer look at basic bike-riding gear that’s most commonly used by cyclists, have a look at our accessories page.



After getting your bike you’ll want to be sure to protect your investment by learning a few bicycle maintenance fundamentals. Things like properly cleaning and oiling your chain, gears and other moving parts not only improve the quality of your ride, but will increase the life of your bike. Knowing how to fix a flat tire and other typical malfunctions is obviously worth taking the time to learn. You can find out all the basics of taking care of your bike by visiting our bicycle maintenance & repair page.

Whether you’re looking to get outdoors, lose weight, stay fit or hang out with friends and family, there’s no better time to get started riding a bike. Here’s wishing you a successful start to what will hopefully be a healthy and enjoyable lifetime activity. Now let’s get started!