If you’re like most people, you know you should get a little more (maybe a lot more) exercise than what your current routine includes. The trouble is, many people have a hard time deciding what activity will give them the exercise they need without costing a fortune or leading to boredom. Forget that gym membership you will never use and don’t worry about buying just the right piece of fancy equipment. Get up, go out to the garage, and get out your old bicycle.

One of the best exercises you can find to get yourself out the door and moving is bike riding. Most of us learned how to ride when we were children, but when we discovered the joys and convenience of a driver’s license, many a great bike landed in the garage without a second thought. Today is the day to think again.

Cycling can be done anywhere– Whether you live in a city or out in the middle of nowhere, you can hop on a bike and be getting some quality exercise in minutes. Bike riding can help with your balance, give you a cardiovascular workout and add in some much-needed relaxation without much in the way of special equipment. While a helmet is a wise investment, you can wear any comfortable clothing and your tennis shoes and be on your way.

Biking is a terrific family exercise. Even the baby can join in by simply adding a carrier to the back of one of the adult’s bike. Many families regularly cycle together, enjoying the bonding time as well as the exercise.

For the truly adventurous, mountain biking can add a whole new element of fun and activity to this once routine sport. With the wider tires on a mountain bike, much more challenging terrain can be explored without the risk of injury. Mountain biking doesn’t need to involve mountains at all- it is perfectly acceptable to take your mountain bike on the same trails you used to hike on. Many communities are building mountain biking trails that offer plenty of challenging countryside at a variety of skill levels.

Whether you are mountain biking or road biking, you can easily step up your daily physical activity and enjoy the great outdoors on two wheels. Go on out to the garage- you know you left a bike out there- what are you waiting for? Get on your bike and ride.